Faerie Tale Theater (Season 4)

It's not over yet! This fantabulous series of tales for kids and comedy for adults continues with: The Three Little Pigs starts it off with comedy gold: the late, great Fred Willard as Paul Pig, Stephen Furst as Peter Pig. and "Mahvelous" Billy Crystal as Larry Pig- three hilarious goofballs only to be outdone by … Continue reading Faerie Tale Theater (Season 4)

Faerie Tale Theater (Season 1)

Quite easily the greatest 80's kid TV show not starring Paul Reubens, Shelley Duvall's Faerie Tale Theater is a crazy masterpiece that hits all the right notes: classic stories, edgy screenplays, the coolest cast of actors, and a self-aware sensibility that was light years' ahead of anything being produced while Reagan was president (with- again- … Continue reading Faerie Tale Theater (Season 1)