In the tradition of minimalist neo-realism comes this unlikely contender from Costa Rica: Alexandra Latishev Salazar's Medea, a film that eschews exposition and just throws you in the middle of its fiercely independent protagonist's life, no context, no three act structure, just a straight-up fly-on-the wall front row seat into this young woman's life. And … Continue reading Medea

Forortsungar (AKA Kidz in da Hood)

Not much is known about the sweet little Swedish film named Forortsungar on this side of the Atlantic, though whoever came up with the idiotically translated Kidz in da Hood needs to get their head out of 1994. Thankfully, Forortsungar is a warm, quirky, all-ages film that really does make you feel good without resorting … Continue reading Forortsungar (AKA Kidz in da Hood)