We Don’t Need a Map

Symbols are such strange, odd things- nothing more than a squiggle or a doodle, they nevertheless hold sway over the human beings who believe in them. Be it a flag or an icon, symbols trigger emotions, start wars, rally people to a cause. We Westerners living on the chunk of dirt called America don't think … Continue reading We Don’t Need a Map

T-Bone N Weasel

Made-for-TV Movies are a fascinating and forgotten artifact of American mass culture. Basically B-Movies "not good enough for the theater," they still took time and money to produce, still required name actors, and still basically all have the potential to be quality work, if only the scripts were better... but they rarely are. Steven Spielberg's … Continue reading T-Bone N Weasel

Purlie Victorious (aka Gone are the Days!)

It's hard to deny the accusation of systemic racism in Hollywood when you watch a film like Purlie Victorious- it's such a sharp criticism of America, done in such a hilarious way, and so clearly still-relevant today that the only answer to the question why have I never heard of this great movie? is so … Continue reading Purlie Victorious (aka Gone are the Days!)