L’Éducation Sentimentale (Sentimental Education)

When I first read Gustave Flaubert's gorgeously melancholic Sentimental Education, I was struck by how modern it felt for something written in 1869 (and taking place in the 1840's.) His protagonist, Frédéric, feels like the original Emo poster child from which all young, disillusioned and weepy icons have sprung. From Morrissey and the Smiths to … Continue reading L’Éducation Sentimentale (Sentimental Education)

Enter Laughing

Steven Spielberg's The Fablemans might be the latest in a long legacy of artists making thinly-veiled autobio pics about their humble beginnings, but it's worth noting the great works that came before (and are mostly forgotten.) First and foremost is the late, great Carl Reiner's debut feature comedy, Enter Laughing- a sweet and hilarious look … Continue reading Enter Laughing

Purlie Victorious (aka Gone are the Days!)

It's hard to deny the accusation of systemic racism in Hollywood when you watch a film like Purlie Victorious- it's such a sharp criticism of America, done in such a hilarious way, and so clearly still-relevant today that the only answer to the question why have I never heard of this great movie? is so … Continue reading Purlie Victorious (aka Gone are the Days!)