The Early Films of Peter Greenaway (Part 1)

Ah, Peter Greenaway- excepting Matthew Barney, he is the most "Art Film" ish Art Filmmaker in the history of Art Films, an obsessive formalist and painter who manages to convert his passions into esoteric, but somehow completely fascinating, works of art on the moving screen. If you've seen his work- from his biggest commercial success, … Continue reading The Early Films of Peter Greenaway (Part 1)

Inland Empire

Back in 2006, David Lynch fell in love with DV- digital video- and made a movie on a cheap, Sony PD-150 camera. It's not much of a camera, but David raved about it in his typical idiosyncratic way, amazed by it's autofocus feature (something every cheap video camera has had for ages) and which works … Continue reading Inland Empire