How the Club Works

Remember video stores? Now remember when your mom, dad, roommate, BFF or whomever came by with a couple of movies they had picked out, just for you to watch this weekend? That’s pretty much Movie Club, without having to rewind anything.

We specialize in two types of movies: great movies for adults that aren’t currently available in the ever-fickle world of streaming, and great movies for everyone that aren’t currently available in the ever-fickle world of streaming. (“For the Young and Old” means exactly that: these aren’t “kids movies” but movies everyone can enjoy.) That’s it- we are happy to share great films you won’t find elsewhere, because sharing is caring. We focus on stuff you probably had no idea existed, although we reserve the right to throw up a fun little nugget of mainstream delight every once in a while, too.

How do you watch these movies? That’s easy- just check out the comments section of any particular movie post and you will see a link. The rest is up to you. If you have a beloved movie that fits the bill, leave a request in the comments and we’ll try to find it and post it. If you own a film featured on here and it re-enters the streaming world (i.e. it is finally available for rent to the general public via the internet) let us know and we will happily remove the link. Movies are meant to be seen; art is meant to be experienced. Our only goal is to keep the ones that fell off the truck alive.