Dance Me to My Song

The fact that Dance Me to My Song is a completely unknown film, and not a major milestone in the independent film world, shouldn't surprise me anymore, and yet... you can't watch this film without wondering what is wrong with our world. Here is a film written by and starring Heather Rose, a woman with … Continue reading Dance Me to My Song

The Demise of Quentin Tarantino, Part 3: Jackie Brown

In between Pulp Fiction and Kill Bill, a few things happened. First up was an overhyped side-project that completely bombed: Four Rooms, in which four indie darling directors made four short films all taking place in a hotel and starring Tim Roth. Of the four, only Robert Rodriguez' contribution is any good- in fact, it's … Continue reading The Demise of Quentin Tarantino, Part 3: Jackie Brown


The 1997 Academy Awards were dubbed "Independents' Day" due to the rare prevalence of independent films in all the big category nominations, with films like Mike Leigh's Secrets and Lies and The Coen Brothers' Fargo getting more attention than their respective authors were used to. Still, it was the unknown Australian director Scott Hicks who … Continue reading Shine