An Unmarried Woman

More than almost every other artistic medium, movies are eternally trapped within the era they were made. Despite being from a long time ago in a galaxy far away, Star Wars is clearly from the 1970's, Toy Story from the 1990's, and The Wizard of Oz from the 1930's. It's not just the technical qualities … Continue reading An Unmarried Woman

El Anacoreta

Anchorites are people who withdraw from society for spiritual reasons, choosing to live hermit-like lives of solitude in their ascetic pursuit of whatever it is they are searching for. What makes them anchorites, however, is their commitment to living, 24-7-365, in the same small space, never leaving, never giving in to the temptations of the … Continue reading El Anacoreta

Looking for Mr. Goodbar

Some movies are wonderful. Others are terrible. And then there are those that fall under the category of "fascinating artifacts" - films whose value is primarily historical or cultural. Richard Brooks' Looking for Mr. Goodbar is pretty much that, but what a specimen. Sometimes it's a corny 70's movie with groan-inducing stereotypes: the hard-ass, overbearing … Continue reading Looking for Mr. Goodbar