The Early Films of Peter Greenaway (Part 1)

Ah, Peter Greenaway- excepting Matthew Barney, he is the most "Art Film" ish Art Filmmaker in the history of Art Films, an obsessive formalist and painter who manages to convert his passions into esoteric, but somehow completely fascinating, works of art on the moving screen. If you've seen his work- from his biggest commercial success, … Continue reading The Early Films of Peter Greenaway (Part 1)

The Secret Adventures of Tom Thumb

Very little is known about this amazing and moody stop-motion feature film that found itself on the shelves of the more esoteric video rental stores during the mid-90's, but The Secret Adventures of Tom Thumb is written, directed, shot and edited by someone named Dave Borthwick- and it's unlike anything you'll ever see. A mixture … Continue reading The Secret Adventures of Tom Thumb

The Wind in the Willows

Monty Python's Terry Jones wrote and directed this brilliant and gorgeous adaptation of Kenneth Grahame's the Wind In the Willows back in the 1990's. It's one of those films that went through distribution hell, getting picked up- and subsequently shelved- by Disney for whatever Mickey Mouse reason, where it received almost no theatrical release (check … Continue reading The Wind in the Willows