Poison Ivy

If you were alive but below the drinking age in the 80's, this one's for you. And if you weren't, this one is still for you. Poison Ivy is the quintessential 80's TV teen movie- a ridiculous, groan-inducing yet ironically fascinating window into what Hollywood believed America represented during the Reagan years: sex, sex, money, … Continue reading Poison Ivy

A Wedding

Robert Altman developed a unique, instantly recognizable style that no one has ever come close to imitating well, with his enormous ensemble casts, consciously sloppy camera work and fly-on-the-wall sound design. Sometimes, that organized chaos ends up in a mess of a film Altman himself can't save, like Prêt-à-Porter, and sometimes it ends up as … Continue reading A Wedding

Looking for Mr. Goodbar

Some movies are wonderful. Others are terrible. And then there are those that fall under the category of "fascinating artifacts" - films whose value is primarily historical or cultural. Richard Brooks' Looking for Mr. Goodbar is pretty much that, but what a specimen. Sometimes it's a corny 70's movie with groan-inducing stereotypes: the hard-ass, overbearing … Continue reading Looking for Mr. Goodbar


John Sayles is arguably America's greatest independent filmmaker, having spent a lifetime navigating the backwards industry known as Hollywood as a ghostwriter in order to finance his own fiercely independent productions. As writer, director, and editor, Sayles' stamp is clear- a deeply humanist and compassionate lens, part Ken Loach without the overt socialism, part Cassavetes … Continue reading Matewan

The Confessions of Robert Crumb

What role does Robert Crumb play in a 21st Century, post-#METOO America? On the surface, the answer is "not much"- his openly misogynistic hostility towards women, his Sambo-influenced depictions of African Americans... it's hard to imagine any self-respecting Millennial making it through a single of comics without going into convulsions. And yet, Crumb is arguably … Continue reading The Confessions of Robert Crumb