Poison Ivy

If you were alive but below the drinking age in the 80's, this one's for you. And if you weren't, this one is still for you. Poison Ivy is the quintessential 80's TV teen movie- a ridiculous, groan-inducing yet ironically fascinating window into what Hollywood believed America represented during the Reagan years: sex, sex, money, … Continue reading Poison Ivy


Professionally-made films can be amazing, breathtaking works of art, or they can be boring, plodding disasters you regret every second of. Amateur films, on the other hand, are always interesting, even when (and usually because) they are terrible. B-Movie icon Ed Wood's films are still compelling today not because they're bad, but because they're bad … Continue reading Pathogen

Les Oiseaux de Passage (Birds of Passage)

It's not often you find a great film that is truly meant for all ages and works; most kids' films these days are a formulaic combination of a dumbed-down plot (the assumption being that kids can't handle anything more complex) and a tacked-on moral about believing in yourself, with a bunch of pop-culture references to … Continue reading Les Oiseaux de Passage (Birds of Passage)