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Azucar Amarga (Bitter Sugar)

When does art turn into propaganda... or, when does propaganda become art? Leon Ichaso's Azucar Amarga is a vibrant and angry Exhibit A in the case of propaganda vs art. Just one look at its IMDB user reviews shows you just how divided people are on the film- it's either a 5-star masterpiece, or a … Continue reading Azucar Amarga (Bitter Sugar)

Les Oiseaux de Passage (Birds of Passage)

It's not often you find a great film that is truly meant for all ages and works; most kids' films these days are a formulaic combination of a dumbed-down plot (the assumption being that kids can't handle anything more complex) and a tacked-on moral about believing in yourself, with a bunch of pop-culture references to … Continue reading Les Oiseaux de Passage (Birds of Passage)