Short films, like short stories, have certain advantages over their longer cousins that we often overlook. They can get away with a lack of exposition, no character arcs, and endings that just sort of... end. For us to invest in the length of a feature film, there are certain demands we make on the filmmaker: … Continue reading Teenland

Black at Yale: a Film Diary

Here's a virtually unknown and amateurish 20th Century documentary that packs a 21st Century punch: Black at Yale, Warrington Hudlin's student project that chronicles how little progress our country has made in matters of race since that film was released in 1974. I say "amateurish" only because it's a simply-made film on a shoestring budget. … Continue reading Black at Yale: a Film Diary

Little Malcolm (and his Struggle Against the Eunuchs)

"Toxic masculinity" is a popular phrase these days, and it's usually applied (in America, at least) to the sort of macho, jock-like "Bro's" who show off in front of women and are completely out of touch with their emotional selves. Homophobia, misogyny, and aggression are their traits; and while they can be found everywhere, our … Continue reading Little Malcolm (and his Struggle Against the Eunuchs)

Le Jour des Corneilles (The Day of the Crows)

This French Canadian feature by Jean Christophe Dessaint is the best kind of kids' movie- funny, kinda twisted, a little dark, but also poignant and tender in a sincere, didn't-come-from-the-mind-of-a-Hollywood-exec sort of way. It's not actually a children's movie so much as an animated movie which happens to be okay for kids to watch, which … Continue reading Le Jour des Corneilles (The Day of the Crows)