The Heartbreak Kid

If you needed just one example of the sexist double-standard prevalent in Hollywood, I doubt you could do better than looking at the great Elaine May- writer, director, comedian, victim. As the more daring and fearless half of the comedy team of Nichols & May, Elaine May has been intimidating men with her sharp wit … Continue reading The Heartbreak Kid

Raining Stones

Ken Loach has survived decades of obscurity to become one of the world's most well-regarded filmmakers, but most people have probably never seen the majority of his oeuvre. From his early, BBC TV films to his later features, much of his brilliant work deserves a wider audience. This goes double for Raining Stones, a beautiful … Continue reading Raining Stones

The Wizard of Speed and Time

It's hard to say how this film will be perceived by a modern audience- it's hokey, low-budget, geeky, dorky, and very, very 80's, full of "wah-wah" puns and overly ridiculous acting. It's also the most pure, heartfelt, and inspiring testament to making movie magic that I've ever seen, a truly 100% independent American production, written, … Continue reading The Wizard of Speed and Time