Phantom Love

Nina Menkes is not a well known filmmaker, unless you're really involved in the world of Art Films, in which case you know how praised she is as someone who pushes the boundaries of narrative cinema. Phantom Love made big splashes in that small, but important world- a story about Lulu, a woman who is … Continue reading Phantom Love

The Early Films of Peter Greenaway (Part 1)

Ah, Peter Greenaway- excepting Matthew Barney, he is the most "Art Film" ish Art Filmmaker in the history of Art Films, an obsessive formalist and painter who manages to convert his passions into esoteric, but somehow completely fascinating, works of art on the moving screen. If you've seen his work- from his biggest commercial success, … Continue reading The Early Films of Peter Greenaway (Part 1)


In the tradition of minimalist neo-realism comes this unlikely contender from Costa Rica: Alexandra Latishev Salazar's Medea, a film that eschews exposition and just throws you in the middle of its fiercely independent protagonist's life, no context, no three act structure, just a straight-up fly-on-the wall front row seat into this young woman's life. And … Continue reading Medea