Will Eisner – Profession: Cartoonist

Hopefully, you are aware that there's a lot more to comic books than Spiderman and Batman. But if you don't, consider yourself lucky- there's an entire world of art out there ready for you to explore. American Comics may still be linked with caped crusaders in the minds of many, but around the world, the … Continue reading Will Eisner – Profession: Cartoonist

Le Jour des Corneilles (The Day of the Crows)

This French Canadian feature by Jean Christophe Dessaint is the best kind of kids' movie- funny, kinda twisted, a little dark, but also poignant and tender in a sincere, didn't-come-from-the-mind-of-a-Hollywood-exec sort of way. It's not actually a children's movie so much as an animated movie which happens to be okay for kids to watch, which … Continue reading Le Jour des Corneilles (The Day of the Crows)