Tord och Tord / Simhall (Bathhouse)

It's exciting when you discover a new filmmaker that has a truly fresh take on the world we live in, mostly because it doesn't happen that often- the older you get, the harder it is to be impressed by anything. Which is why Swedish animator Niki Lindroth von Bahr is such a delight- her short … Continue reading Tord och Tord / Simhall (Bathhouse)

The Secret Adventures of Tom Thumb

Very little is known about this amazing and moody stop-motion feature film that found itself on the shelves of the more esoteric video rental stores during the mid-90's, but The Secret Adventures of Tom Thumb is written, directed, shot and edited by someone named Dave Borthwick- and it's unlike anything you'll ever see. A mixture … Continue reading The Secret Adventures of Tom Thumb

The Wizard of Speed and Time

It's hard to say how this film will be perceived by a modern audience- it's hokey, low-budget, geeky, dorky, and very, very 80's, full of "wah-wah" puns and overly ridiculous acting. It's also the most pure, heartfelt, and inspiring testament to making movie magic that I've ever seen, a truly 100% independent American production, written, … Continue reading The Wizard of Speed and Time