Faerie Tale Theater (Season 4)

It’s not over yet! This fantabulous series of tales for kids and comedy for adults continues with:

The Three Little Pigs starts it off with comedy gold: the late, great Fred Willard as Paul Pig, Stephen Furst as Peter Pig. and “Mahvelous” Billy Crystal as Larry Pig- three hilarious goofballs only to be outdone by Jeff Goldblum as Buck Wolf! Also starring Valerie Perrine as Tina, Doris Roberts as Mother Pig.

The Snow Queen stars Melissa Gilbert as Gerda, Lance Kerwin as Kay, Lee Remick as the Snow Queen, Lauren Hutton as the Lady of Summer, Linda Manz as the Robber Girl, and David Hemmings as the voice of the Reindeer.

The Pied Piper of Hamelin is the season’s best, but only because it is narrated and stars Eric Idle as our creepy piper. He tells the whole tale in rhyme, which ensures we all have a great time.

Cinderella is always a classic, especially if it stars the lovely Jennifer Beals as Cinderella, and the oh-so-polite Matthew Broderick as Prince Henry. But it’s Jean Stapleton who steals the show as the Fairy Godmother, supported by Eve Arden as the Stepmother, James Noble as King Rupert III, and Edie McClurg and Jane Alden as the Stepsisters.

Puss In Boots is another big hit, mostly because the great Jules Feiffer wrote the script! But it also helps to have the talented Ben Vereen as Puss, Gregory Hines as Edgar, Alfre Woodard as Princess Lovinia, George Kirby as King Fortuitous, and Brock Peters as the Ogre.

Finally, we end with The Emperor’s New Clothes, a timeless political tale every American should be forced to watch again. Starring Dick Shawn as the Emperor, Alan Arkin as Morty, Art Carney as Bo, Clive Revill as the Prime Minister, Georgia Brown as Maggie, and Barrie Ingham as the Finance Minister. Oh, and narrated by 007 himself, Timothy Dalton!

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  1. Magnificent project. Thank you, thank you for your wonderful efforts, here and
    elsewhere on this great site. – Tom NY .


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