John Sayles is arguably America's greatest independent filmmaker, having spent a lifetime navigating the backwards industry known as Hollywood as a ghostwriter in order to finance his own fiercely independent productions. As writer, director, and editor, Sayles' stamp is clear- a deeply humanist and compassionate lens, part Ken Loach without the overt socialism, part Cassavetes … Continue reading Matewan

Faerie Tale Theater (Season 5)

This fifth season of Miss Duvall's epic series only contains two episodes, but what two episodes they are: "Aladdin and His Wonderful Lamp"  star's Robert Carradine as Aladdin, James Earl Jones as a really creepy Genie, and Leonard Nimoy as a truly evil Moroccan Magician- which is reason enough right there to watch this thing. … Continue reading Faerie Tale Theater (Season 5)