Men With Guns

100% American Indie filmmaker, John Sayles, has made several great films- and Men With Guns ranks somewhere near the top (if not THE top) of that heap. A seemingly-simple story about a doctor who revisits a program he had worked on ages ago, deep in the jungles of an unnamed Latin American country, Sayles’ epic is actually a metaphor about our own ignorance and naivete on the world- specifically the world of our neighbors down south. While Latin American Politics inform the entire story, it’s the human element that makes this such a beautiful piece. The fact that Sayles is able to pull off his dialogue-driven storytelling just as well in Spanish as he does in English is a minor miracle in itself, and of course as the writer, director and editor on this thing, he makes damn sure Men With Guns is 100% his vision, from the first image to the last.

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