Faerie Tale Theater (Season 6)

And so we wrap up this delightful series with one more season’s worth of magic, which includes:

“Rip Van Winkle” starts us off with a huge bang with the great Harry Dean Stanton as Rip van Winkle, Talia Shire as Wilma van Winkle, John P. Ryan as Hendrick Hudson and Roy Dotrice as Peter Vanderdonk. But wait- comic genius Ed Begley Jr. is Broom Dutcher, Christopher “Nice Guy Eddie” Penn is Will Tussenbrook, and comic legend Tim “Dorf” Conway is the Mayoral Candidate! AND WAIT- this episode is directed by the godfather himself, Francis Ford Coppola.

“The Little Mermaid” is no slouch, either. The lovely Pam Dawber (yes, “Mork & Mindy”) is Pearl, our underwater-breathing protagonist. Treat Williams is Prince Andrew, Helen Mirren is Princess Emilia, Karen Black is the Sea Witch, Brian Dennehy is King Neptune, and Laraine Newman and Donna McKechnie are Pearl’s sisters! Way better than the Disney version!

We end with one of the best stories in the entire series: “The Dancing Princesses” starring Lesley Ann Warren as Princess Jeanetta, the great Peter “Banzai” Weller as the Soldier, Roy Dotrice as the King, Zelda Rubinstein as the Old Woman, Ian Abercrombie as the Royal Cobbler, and my personal favorite, Max Wright (aka Willie, ALF’s adopted dad) as Prince Heinrick. It’s a good one.

3 thoughts on “Faerie Tale Theater (Season 6)

  1. Love these Faerie Tale Theatres! But I can’t download the last one (bad gateway) and one was missed — according to epguides.com, it was #19 – Grimm Party. Thank you so much for offering what you do.


    1. Hi there- thanks for the comment. We have no idea what “Grimm Party” is – there is no such fairy tale, and it’s not part of any DVD compilations made for the show. Perhaps it was a clip show, where they aired “best of” bits from different episodes as a filler show one week back in the 80’s, but it’s definitely not an official entry.

      If you’re not able to download #26, the Dancing Princesses, try a different browser and / or computer- we just tested it here on different computers and it worked fine!


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