Local Hero

Local Hero

It’s almost impossible for me to picture the pitch session that got Bill Forsyth’s underplayed gem made. An American goes to Scotland to negotiate a land deal for the oil company he works for… and that’s pretty much it. But the film is so sweet, in such a simple, genuine, natural way, you just can’t help but love this little corner of the cinematic world. Quirky characters (without being self-consciously quirky) populate the story, which bounces back and forth between “subtle, heartfelt” and “bizarre, absurdist”- plus the great Mark Knopfler delivers a wonderful, warm score that complements the film perfectly. I can’t imagine this film ever made any money, and yet, here we are talking about it four decades later. At least, I am. You just need to watch.

2 thoughts on “Local Hero

  1. Thanks a lot for your blog in general and this post in particular. My English is not good enough to get all the dialogues and I particularly appreciate you provide the subtitles!


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