Punishment Park

Punishment Park (1971) | The Daily P.O.P.

Given where we are today as a country, watching this film should be required viewing for pretty much everyone, since it has moved from “what a wacky piece of dystopian science fiction!” to “is this actually happening?” in the half century since Peter Watkins created this low-budget masterpiece.

A fake documentary about a not-so-fake fascist America, where anyone with a critical opinion of our government can get arrested and then serve as target practice for some over-eager cops, Punishment Park is both great, intense filmmaking and sharp political commentary. It set the template for films like Man Bites Dog and makes a convincing argument for how close we are to this kind of insanity.

7 thoughts on “Punishment Park

      1. Yes, it works again. Thank you for your effort. Disturbing movie (in a positive meaning)…


  1. This looks fascinating – unfortunately the audio has a problem – there’s a voice reading a lecture about the film maker over the actual audio of the film. is there any way to fix this? Am I able to switch it off? cheers


    1. Yes, you are hearing the commentary track. If you view this film in VLC Player (a free program- just search for it) you can easily disable this audio track by going to the AUDIO menu, then to AUDIO TRACK, and selecting a different track (I believe Track 1 is what you want.)


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